Henga. While others see only numbers, we see the future. Get Henga right now!

What is Henga?

What you need to know

Sometimes money costs us too much. Yes, we’re referring to the PoW protocol that can be too expensive and unsafe. Now-a-days big investors recognize the leadership of POS-mining and also switch to coins that can be earned without any computational power. However, Henga offers a double passive income due to a Masternode incentive system. This combination has proved to be a useful aid for a successful financial ecosystem and now provides all investors with instant and anonymous transactions.

How to start earning with PoS-mining?

Simply purchase any number of coins and leave your wallet connected to the network, then you will receive an interest from each generated block. An attack on the network is virtually impossible, for it will be truly unbeneficial for an attacker, since the possession of 51% of all coins leaves them without rewards and drops the demand for a cryptocurrency, which is also highly unprofitable. Rely on the system’s safety, store Henga, and start earning enough to realize all your dreams.

Specifications Henga

Coin specifications
Coin name Henga
Abbreviation NGH
Block Time 1 minute
Min. staking age 5 hours
Maturity 121 blocks
Rewards MN - 70%, POS - 30%
Total Supply 210 000 000
MN required coins 7000
Premine 210 000
1 - 7600 1
7601 - 16000 60
16001 - 36000 120
>36001 40


  • Comming soon
  • Comming soon


    1. Run network
    2. Release linux and windows wallets
    3. ANN topic on Bitcointalk
    4. Release website
    1. Presale
    2. Marketing campaigns
    3. Listing on exchange
    4. Listing on MNO
    1. Mac wallet
    2. Whitepaper
    3. Web wallet
    1. Android and IOS wallets
    2. Partnerships